Marin Catholic

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Marin Catholic is a Catholic, co-ed college prep high school founded in 1949 on the values of faith, knowledge and service.  The young men and women attending Marin Catholic are dedicated, accomplished students, willing and able to undertake the challenges of a college preparatory program and anxious to make their unique contribution to the school community.  The administrators, faculty and staff of Marin Catholic work hard to maintain a dynamic, student-centered environment, one that affords our young women and men every opportunity to achieve excellence.

The Marin Catholic student body of 720 students reflects the socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of the community it serves.

Marin Catholic’s administration is led by Tim Navone, President, and Chris Valdez, Principal. Together they have created a focused and passionate team who are dedicated to delivering on the mission of the organization every day. Their commitment to the Marin Catholic community is seen through their dedication to Catholic education, past experience, recognition by their peers, and admiration of the current Marin County community of families, faculty and staff.

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